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A water lily
A water wheel in the Sorgue
Water fountains at the Tivoli
Icicles on waterside vegetation
Waterfall at Vanhankaupunginkoski
Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids above the waterfall
A waterfall and a creek
Swans in icy water
Waterfall at Vanhankaupunginkoski
Water squirts at Havis Amanda statue
An all terrain vehicle driving through a puddle of water
A winter time open water swimming place at Marjaniemi beach, Koivusaari islands in the background
A view from Hanko water tower to Puistovuori cape
Waterfalls at Myllykoski rapids
Bedrock watered at Myllykoski rapids
Waterfall at Vanhankaupunginkoski
Rooftop water tanks
Waterfront at Eläintarhanlahti bay
Route signs at the Porkkala sea route
Montmorency falls
Montmorency falls
Tokoinranta and Kallio district seen from the other side of Eläintarhanlahti bay
A duck swimming at the edge of the Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids
Mustalampi dam at Nuuksio national park
Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids
Eläintarhanlahti bay, Tokoinranta and Kallio office building
Montmorency falls
Montmorency falls
A breakwater
Beware of thin ice and waterways