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A warning sign for hedgehogs at Limingankatu
Warning signs at Korkeakoski power plant
Warning sign at Ahvenkoski power plant
Street sign at Argelanderintie
The trilingual street sign at Sofiankatu
A neon sign at the railway station
Cable sign
A covered market's sign
Bus line sign
Route signs at the Porkkala sea route
A route sign on a reef
A crosswalk sign
Signs at Hötorget subway station
A sign urging to take care of the park at Esplanadin puisto park
Abandoned sea sign
The neon sign at Hakaniemi market place
A sign with distances at the top of Valtavaara
A sign in the woods
A street sign at Passy district
A roadsign at the famous wine village Châteauneuf du Pape
Sign for the men's dressing room at Seurasaari beach
Cafe sign at the University of Helsinki's botanical garden at Kaisaniemi
Big Brother is watching
Sign for the women's dressing room at Seurasaari beach
Road, roadsign and a field
A street sign at Toinen linja
Traffic sign and cars at Agrikolankatu
Driving through Merihaka forbidden
Traffic signs and the Metropolitan Life Tower