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A tower in York city wall
Barbed wire and a stone wall
A wooden wall
A wooden wall
A road, a stone wall and a valley
A wall mounted lamp
An illuminated wall at the Pereire-Levallois station
Glass wall at the National opera
Québec city wall
Old city walls
Wall of the science museum
Turku power company's wall
A building's wall and
Writings in Russian on a building wall
An old brick wall at the Naval Academy
Brick wall at the Cable factory
Cable factory's wall bathing in the sunset
Hook on the wall of an enbankment
A facade of a glass wall building
Aulis Junes' house in the Linnunlaulu district
Arena-talo tower and Ympyrätalo
The Ehrenströmintie footpath at Kaivopuisto
The intersection of Ehrenströmintie ja Itäinen puistotie in Kaivopuisto
The Home church of the Orthodox parish at Liisankatu
Aulis Junes' house in the Linnunlaulu district
Château Frontenac
Rooftop water tanks
A man sunbathing at the base of the Statue of Liberty
Stars and stripes on Ellis Island, Manhattan in the background