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A milestone
Stone piles atop Kuskoiva
Stone pile atop Kuskoiva
A road, a stone wall and a valley
Stone beach at Jurmo
Stone beach at Jurmo
Stones atop a nordic mountain
Graffiti on stone
Stone formations in a valley
Lichen on a stone
Barbed wire and a stone wall
Viiskulma by night II
Viiskulma by night I
Viiskulma by night III
Grave stones at the Arlington National Cemetery
Tomb stone and a leaf covered lawn at the Old church park
A path made of grave stones
Old tomb stone at the Old church park
A rock at Pampskatan
Korkeakoski rapids
Korkeakoski rapids
A yard between apartment buildings at Länsi-Musta
Korkeakoski rapids
Dunlin (Calidris alpina)
A stony beach