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A autumn view to a pond
Autumn colors reflect from the surface of a pond
A hippo in a pond at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park
The icy Kruunuvuorenlampi pond and a jetty
A autumn view to a pond
Ducks in a pond
The icy Kruunuvuorenlampi pond
A duck resting on the lawn by a pond
A little pond at Tivoli
The Dakota peeks behind Central Park trees
Leaf porridge
A kettle along Saramontie road
A swan in Hyde Park's Serpentine lake
Autumn colors at Mustalampi
Moss on the bank of Saarilampi
Turf islets at Mustalampi
Turf islet at Mustalampi
A lonely pine tree at Mustalampi
Autumn colors at Mustalampi