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Pine trees on the Kallahdenharju esker
A pine has lost its bark
Pine bark
A lonely pine tree at Mustalampi
A pine
A pine at Venäjänhiekka beach
The seashore and pine trees
A pine rests on a rock
Pines on an island at Naarajärvi lake
A pine at Iso Lehmälampi
Pine needles on moss
A pine and the icy Kaitalahti bay
A branch of a pine
A hot air balloon's gondola and pine forest
A pine's branch
A pine branch and cone
Pines at a swamp
A pine cone
Pines at Merikannontie
The woods and the beach at Venäjänhiekka
Esker scenery at Kyynäränharju
Venäjänhiekka beach at Tiilikkajärvi national park
Esker scenery at Kallahdenniemi
Esker scenery at Kallahdenniemi
Esker scenery along Saramontie road
Mossy soil at Kallahdenniemi
Moss covered forest
Moss covered forest
Esker scenery at Kallahdenniemi
Lake Pielinen and its islands seen from Koli