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An old industrial milieu at winter
Kaapelitehdas (old cable factory) and HTC Ruoholahti
Stockholm's old city at night
Entrance to the old covered market
Old church books at the National archives
Old brick warehouse
An old church book at the National archives
An old brick building at Kuninkaankartanonsaari in an old factory milieu
The old Sipoo church
An old church tower
Old tomb stone at the Old church park
The river Neckar runs next to the Heidelberg old town under the Alte Brücke
Tomb stone and a leaf covered lawn at the Old church park
The Heiliggeistkirche at Heidelberg old town
A view from the Heidelberg Castle to the old town
Cold sunset
Old church park at summer
Katajanokka on a cold winter day
Old church park at dusk I
Gold digging with a sluice box
Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea)
Old church park at dusk II
Golden clock at Leeds civic hall
Old south meeting house on Washington street
The Helsinki Parish church and its bell tower
Lisence plate behind bars
A street view
A view to the town
The town of Bonnieux and a view to the Luberon highlands
The Copenhagen city hall