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Statue of Paavo Nurmi
Waterfalls at Myllykoski rapids
Myllykoski rapids
Bedrock watered at Myllykoski rapids
Myllykoski rapids
Kuhakoski rapids
An abandoned tennis court at Kiljava hospital
Myllykoski rapids
Myllykoski rapids
Acorns, lake Märkiö in the background
Narcissus in front of Kiljava hospital
A nightly pier
Lake Märkiö after sunset
Tomb stone and a leaf covered lawn at the Old church park
Artificial lawn at Brahe field
A snowless winter scenery at Iso Mustasaari
Old church park at summer
A duck resting on the lawn by a pond
A pedestrian bridge over Viikinoja
Benches at Flushing Meadows park
Québec city wall
Québec parliament house
Eira park
Québec parliament house
Kaivopuisto park
A man sunbathing at the base of the Statue of Liberty
Skyscrapers at the southern tip of Manhattan behind Battery Park
Old church park at dusk I
Tehtaanpuisto sports field