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Rushes at the southern end of Töölönlahti bay, Linnunlaulu district villas in the background
Rushes at Vanhankaupunginlahti bay
Villa Kivi at Linnunlaulu, rushes of the northern end of Töölönlahti bay in the foreground
Skatanniemi at winter
Skatanniemi at winter
Frosty rushes
Uutela lagoon at wintertime
An erratic boulder at Uutela lagoon
Skatanniemi at winter
A fallen tree
Winter panorama II
Winter panorama VI
Winter panorama VII
View from a bird tower in Viikki
Winter panorama V
Winter panorama IV
An erratic boulder at Uutela lagoon
Winter panorama III
Winter panorama I
Aulis Junes' house in the district of Linnunlaulu seen across Töölönlahti bay
Rushes and the Salmisaari power plant
The beach at Seurasaari
Reeds and a quiet sea
Rushes at the beach
Salmisaari power plant from Seurasaari
The Morsfjärden bay seen from Medvastö island
The Blindsund sound connects the Morsfjärden to the Baltic sea
A buoy
Haukkalampi at Nuuksio national park
People walking on ice in front of Lehtisaari