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A road, a fence and mountains at Lake District
A road, a fence and mountains at Lake District
The fence around Jurmo chapel
A fence leading to the tower
A wooden yard fence
A fence and a lighthouse
A snowy fence
A deck fence on USS Massachusetts
A hole in a fence
A Cessna behind a barbed wire fence
A horse looks over a fence
Barbed wire fence
The sauna of the Finnish Naval Academy at Pikku Musta island
Jurmo chapel
Bridge between Länsi-Musta and Pikku-Musta islands at Suomenlinna
Québec city wall
Jurmo chapel
Skyscrapers at the southern tip of Manhattan behind Battery Park
Finnish Naval Academy on Länsi-Musta island in Suomenlinna
Presidential Palace
Uspenski cathedral
A green valley at Lake District
Primula building
A snowy tree
Skata farm
Jurmo chapel bells
Wooden apartment buildings at Inarintie
Jurmo chapel
A lamp
A lock in a gate