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Door A
Meritullinkatu 22
A doorway
Doorways at Lutherinkatu
Bicycles in front of an appartment house
A cannon in front of the main building of the Finnish naval academy
Paintings of an old fire house
Entrance to Rauhankatu 5
Kumpula manor
The Swedish embassy in Helsinki
Entrance to a cellar
A firetruck's front
Entrance of Turku cathedral
An old brick wall at the Naval Academy
Outdoor sports at the northen end of Töölönlahti bay, Linnanmäki amusement park in the background
Entrance H to the Cable factory
Entrance to the Haapajärvi wooden church
Central railway station at Stockholm
A tram at Vallila tram hall yard
Houses on Niguliste
Inner yard at Meritullinkatu 22
Inner yard at Meritullinkatu 22
Inner yard at Meritullinkatu 22
Route markers in a birch
The gateway and the yard at Meritullinkatu 12
Inner yard at Meritullinkatu 22