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A rollercoaster
The blue car speeds by at the roller coaster
Racon at the entrance of Kustaanmiekka sound
Harmaja light house in the horizon
Harmaja light house in the horizon
Katajannokka and the icy South port
A beacon, flowers and sailing boats at the Finnish bay
Reeds and a quiet sea
The shore at Venice, Santa Maria della Salute church in the background
Houses at Merikatu street, Agricola church in the background
A lighthouse courtyard
Sauvosaari district and Selkäsaari island in Kemi
Pier at Kaivopuisto
Suomenlinna sea fortress seen from Kaivopuisto park, Ehrenströmintie street in the foreground
Lichen on a cliff
A couple walking at Uunisaari island
A couple on a walk at Uunisaari island, Sirpalesaari island in the background
A beacon at the entrance to Kustaanmiekka sound
Scuba diving boats at the pier
A pick-up truck loaded with compressed air bottles
A pier on the Red Sea
A beach on the Red Sea
Boats in the Red Sea
An old building by the coast
A coastal cannon at Ormskär island in Utö
A small fishing boat
A swan in front of Southern Helsinki
Flowers at the edge of Kustaanmiekka sound
Harmaja light house in the horizon