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Bricks and a brick building
Red brick Kaartinkaupunki district
A brick mailbox
Old brick warehouse
A brick building at Verla board mill
Brick wall at the Cable factory
An old brick building at Kuninkaankartanonsaari in an old factory milieu
An old brick wall at the Naval Academy
Arena-talo tower and Kallio health center
Kalliolinnantie 1 in Kaivopuisto district
Lunch specials
Arena-talo tower and Ympyrätalo
The Verla factory
A paint job in a backyard
Row of windows
St. John's church masked by leafs
Stockholm city hall
Lauttasaari bridge and Helsinki courthouse
Snow on the roof
Private road
A covered market's sign
Wärtsilä's main office building at Siltasaari
Cable factory's wall bathing in the sunset
An old building by the coast
The cathedral peeps from behind the money museum
Trees bathing in the spring sun