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Roofs of Barcelona and Torre Agbar
Barcelona port
Admiralty Arch
Architecture at the Valencia science museum
Time passes at the National archives
Church register books at the National archives
Narcissus at the botanic garden
Arctic hills at Saariselkä and Sompio
Old church books at the National archives
An old church book at the National archives
The Champs Elysées from the Arc of Triomphe
Detail on the Savukoski bridge
The Savukoski bridge
Sun sets in the Espoo archipelago, western Helsinki in the foreground
Traffic on Tower Bridge
The main entrance to the railway station
The old hall at the National Archives
Narcissus in front of Kiljava hospital
Architecture at the Valencia science museum
The National Archives
The Arc of Triomphe
The Union Station hall
The Union Station hall
Construction at Sagrada Familia
Wheels reeling cables
Market products
Cable car tower
A reflection in a window