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Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids above the waterfall
A snowy Vanhankaupunginkoski waterfall
Waterfall at Vanhankaupunginkoski
Waterfall at Vanhankaupunginkoski
Waterfall at Vanhankaupunginkoski
Snowy trees at Kuninkaankartanonsaari island
Snowy trees
An old brick building at Kuninkaankartanonsaari in an old factory milieu
An old industrial milieu at winter
Vanhankaupunginlahti bay
A duck swimming at the edge of the Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids
Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids
Stockholm's old city at night
A view from Porvoo old town
The river Neckar runs next to the Heidelberg old town under the Alte Brücke
A view from the Heidelberg Castle to the old town
Houses at the city hall square
The Heiliggeistkirche at Heidelberg old town
A statue at the Karlsplatz in Heidelberg, the Heidelberg castle in the background