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Picture of self

This site

My life in pictures is a web site, which I use to present the best of my digital pictures. The first published pictures were taken in May 2000. The total number of pictures is currently over 2000.

The site is bilingual. It is available both in Finnish and English.

The photographer

My name is Juha-Pekka Järvenpää. I live in the Ullanlinna district of Helsinki with my wife, our children and our dog. Most of my pictures are taken close to home, but I also have some pictures from elsewhere in Finland and abroad. This site has enabled me to combine my two passions: photography and building a large web site. More information about me can be found from my homepage.


I have used three different cameras to take the pictures published on this site. My first digital camera was an Olympus C-920 Zoom compact camera. Next I used an Olympus E-10 camera before acquiring my first digital SLR, the Canon EOS 350D. That camera was traded in for a Canon EOS 40D. I currently take pictures with a Canon EOD 5D MK II. I have several different objectives.

I usually edit my pictures to some extent before publishing them. Most common operations are adjusting colors, straighening the horizon, cropping, correcting perspective distortion and sharpening. Some pictures need more editing than others. Still hardly no picture entirely skips the editing phase.

The site runs on self built software. I use PHP as my favourite programming language and MySQL as my choice for database server. The site is located on a server running Debian GNU/Linux.


Copyrights for the pictures are owned by the photographer Juha-Pekka Järvenpää.

In addition to the web-sized pictures I have also published the full size pictures on this site. The full sized pictures aren't equipped with any watermarks or added text. You can use them for your personal, non-commercial use. You cannot publish my pictures without my explicit permission. You can however use my pictures for your educational needs.

This means you may download my pictures and use one as the background for your computer. You may also use my pictures as a decoration to your school essay (remember to cite the source!). However you cannot add my picture to your homepage as it is publishing and no more personal use.

It would be nice to hear if some of my picture has made your computer's background, school essay or any other use.

Picture sales

All pictures on this site are both on public display and for sale or to be lisenced for commercial use. My pictures have appeared on web-sites, advertisement posters, food packages labels and printed books. My own company handles the billing of commercial picture use.

If you are interested in lisencing one of my pictures, please contact me and we'll discuss about price and lisencing terms. I can be reached by email or by phone +358 40 559 2707.

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