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Driving through Merihaka forbidden
Watch your step
Icebreakers Urho and Kontio at their piers
Footprints on a snowy pier
Buildings at Meritullintori, the cathedral tower in the background
An apostle on top of the Helsinki cathedral
Helsinki cathedral's towers at night
Trinity church at night
Moss plant
Rose apple (Syzygium jambos)
Close up on a plant's roots
A plant's roots
Fan aloe (Aloe plicatilis)
Mitre aloe (Aloe mitriformis)
Prickly pear (Opuntia leucotricha)
Canary broom (Teline canariensis)
Sand lily (Veltheimia capensis)
Tram 8 at Vallila terminus
Tram 8 at Vallila terminus
Rails at Vallila tram hall yard
A tram's rear at Vallila tram halls
A tram at Vallila tram hall yard
Houses at Malminkartano
A kite over Helsinki
Coins at a rainwater sewer at the top of the Stadium tower
Buildings at Linnunlaulu and Hakaniemi seen from the Stadium tower
Hakaniemi, Korkeasaari zoo and the oil port seen from the Stadium tower
Kallio district
Töölönlahti bay bottom and districs of Kallio and Hakaniemi
Pendolino train passing Alppila district
A view to the centre from the Stadium tower, Töölönlahti bay at the foreground
Töölönlahti bay, Linnunlaulu and Hakaniemi seen from the Stadium tower
Detail on the Olympic stadium tower staircase
Tower of the Olympic stadium
Buoys at Merisatama
A sail boat and people on a walk
Apartment blocks on Merikatu street
Flat rocks, Suomenlinna sea fortress in the background
Broken ice
A couple on a walk at Uunisaari island, Sirpalesaari island in the background
Houses at Merikatu street, Agricola church in the background
A paddler passes Uunisaari island, Harmaja light house in the background
A couple walking at Uunisaari island
Suomenlinna sea fortress seen from Kaivopuisto park, Ehrenströmintie street in the foreground
Abandoned sea sign
A pier at Kaivopuistonranta
Pier at Kaivopuisto
Couple on a walk in a snowy Tokoinranta
A boat platform and poles on a snowy afternoon
A railway yard during snowfall
Tram 3B approaching Opera house stop
The Sibelius monument
Detail on the Sibelius monument
Pipes of the Sibelius monument
Pipes on the Sibelius monument
A snowy fir and the apartment building at Kesäkatu 8
Pines at Merikannontie
People sliding down the hill in a wintery Kaivopuisto park
Pier at Kaivopuisto and Suomenlinna sea fortress
Pier at Kaivopuisto
The sound between the islands of Uunisaari and Harakka
Icicles on waterside vegetation
Tower building

Tower building
Houses at Aurinkoranta street
Bunches of ice on a frozen Aurinkolahti bay
Villa Solvik
Trams on Kustaa Vaasa street
The icy entrance to the Ruoholahti canal
Buoys at the entrance of the Ruoholahti canal, Lauttasaari island in the background
The icy entrance to the Ruoholahti canal
High tech center at Ruoholahti