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Helsinki cathedral
A mew gull landing
Barnacle geese at seashore
Tykistönlahti bay and the Suomenlinna church
A common gull
Flowers on the yard of a house
Flowers on the yard of a house
Lichen in a rock
A sailing boat in Kustaanmiekka sound
Kustaanmiekka sound
Lichen on a stone
Algae at sea shore
Flowers at the edge of Kustaanmiekka sound
Harmaja light house in the horizon
A beacon at the entrance to Kustaanmiekka sound
A racon at the north end of the Kustaanmiekka bay
A racon at the north end of the Kustaanmiekka bay
People sunbathing at Kustaanmiekka cliffs outside the embankments
Algae on the shore rocks
A rocky shoreline at Länsi-Musta
Lichen on a cliff
A racon
A beacon, flowers and sailing boats at the Finnish bay
Rushes at Vanhankaupunginlahti bay
The coal power plant and port of Sörnäinen seen from Tervasaari
Silja Line's ferry at Kruunuvuorenselkä
Sail boats passing Suomenlinna
Hay at the island of Särkkä, the Finnish bay in the background
A common gull
Blossoming chives
A seagull looking out to the sea from Harakka island
Seagulls on the shore rocks
Offsprings of seagull on an algae shore
Barnacle geese on shore rocks
A squirel at the Japanese style garden at Roihuvuori
A squirrel climbing on a rock
A squirrel hiding a nut
A squirrel hiding a nut
Myllykoski rapids
Waterfalls at Myllykoski rapids
Bedrock watered at Myllykoski rapids
A quiet lake Rusutjärvi
Lake Rusutjärvi
Ducks at lake Rusutjärvi
Partly cloudy
Barley on a barley field
Wheat on a wheat field
Detail on the Savukoski bridge
A flower
Warning sign at Ahvenkoski power plant
Power plant and a pipe
A milestone